About This Cliff

That's a-me, a little more dolled up than usual, but this is all about first impressions, right?
That’s a-me, a little more dolled up than usual, but this is all about first impressions, right?

Hello, I’m Cliff Bailey. There are a lot of Cliff Baileys out there but there’s only one me.

This is not my first shot at maintaining a blog but so far I think it’s one of the best. I had a reasonably successful Xanga running about 2006-2007 in which I shared reflections, some poetry and short stories.

Ten years on I’m well-ensconced in my mid-30s and life is a bit different. I’ve done a number of years in the customer service industry (call centers, retail, coffee shops); I taught 10th grade English in North Carolina for half a year as a long-term sub; and this October I’ll wrap up my five years in the Navy as a Mass Communication Specialist (per that, I am not an official spokesman for the U.S. Navy nor do my opinions and thoughts reflect those of the Department of the Navy or Department of Defense).

I gotta say, the last few years have been the most interesting. My one and only station assignment has been in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor (not on a ship) and I’ve spent significant time in seven different countries, from Southeast Asia to Scandinavia. I’ve labored in jungles and lived on glaciers; I’ve seen the best and not so best of humanity; I’ve made some significant achievements and significant mistakes.

All in all it’s been a good run and I’m ready to return to civilian life applying lessons I’ve learned and seen graphically demonstrated the last few years. I’m aiming to hit the pavement as a content creator with my modest production company, TBA Media.

I’ll also be facing my greatest and what will prove to be longest-lasting challenge along with my wife: parenthood.

This blog is my story. I don’t always know what I have to offer, but I do know I’m not the only one who experiences life the way I do. When I’ve heard other people’s stories of struggle or delight it makes me feel more connected to the rest of humanity. As far as I can tell there can be no shortage of voices in the chorus of life. This is my sometimes warbly, sometimes strong, contribution.