These are links to blogs/pages I find informative and useful and some of those which have inspired me to do all this:

Addie Zierman – she’s an author who blogs. I was first turned onto her by a recommendation through Amazon Kindle to read her first book When We Were On Fire. Her honest take on her Christian faith experience is excruciatingly refreshing.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – this woman is awesome. She’s honest and cusses like a pro. Also brutally honest in regards to faith.

Sharon Hodde Miller – we met at church about/over 10 years ago but have interacted more through Facebook than in real life. She was probably the first strong female voice I started listening to as I started blossoming (somewhat late) into adulthood.

Neil Gaiman – Reading his Sandman graphic novels as well as American Gods and Neverwhere got me into writing prose in the first place.

Stephen King – Pet Sematary was my first scary movie and On Writing is the book that finally kicked me in the pants to write my first (now abandoned) draft of a novel.

Jon Acuff – just an inspiration to blogging.

Hawaii Filmmakers Collective – a local group of filmmakers that helped me get back into filmmaking f’real’s.