Episode 008 - Kreighton Long

Kreighton Long – Army veteran, future high school educator, historian – sits down to chat with Cliff about his time in the military, regional accents, religion, Star Wars, and much more!

Plus, here's the link to the article Kreighton talks about detailing the faulty military tactics employed by the Empire at the Invasion of Hoth: https://www.wired.com/2013/02/battle-of-hoth/

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Cutting It Close - Ep. 002 - Kelsie Greene

Kelsie Greene, up-and-coming filmmaker, cuts it close with Cliff in episode TWO of the podcast! TWO episodes now, ah-ha-ha!

They talk about Kelsie’s newest film – Hele Kalei – their love of movies, other podcasts, life-changing experiences, and the crazy places life takes us.

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